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Appalachian Academy

Pollen8 aspires to create a safety net around the children we service to broaden their developmental outcomes and extend their positive educational experiences beyond the classroom. 


Appalachian Academy is a program of not only intervention and treatment but allows for the opportunity to be preventative in the improvement of the lives and academic success of children who are at-risk.  The program is in collaboration with Kanawha County Schools and the pilot program is housed inside of South Charleston Middle School (SCMS). 

Appalachian Academy Pic.jpeg

The program identifies academically at-risk children who live in poverty with behavioral issues through school referrals and serves as a bridge between school, home, and community (athletics).  Appalachian Academy offers homework assistance and tutoring by SCMS teachers, and mentoring with local first responders and community volunteers to develop coping skills and promote better behavioral outcomes at school. 


Appalachian Academy is an opportunity for students to interact and share experiences in a safe and nurturing environment, while cultivating self-efficacy and learning valuable preventative behaviors.  The students are encouraged to participate in community activities monthly and are fed a snack before they head home.

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