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Research shows that the three main reasons that women in recovery relapse is the return to the same socioeconomic status, unsafe living environments, and monotony of life.  ReIntegr8 addresses these three issues by providing job skills and education, a safe and sober living environment, and the exposure to creative arts therapy to help prevent emotional suppression.  

ReIntegr8  is housed inside of our Appalachian Behavioral HealthCare facility in South Charleson and provides continued support for women in recovery. The program guides them in changing the narrative of their stories through 3 Chapters. 


  1. Chapter 1 includes addressing the underlying causes of addiction (ACEs) and agro-therapy as they learn to grow the food we serve at our social enterprises (Café Appalachia and Café Appalachia Catering). 

  2. During Chapter 2, they participate in our job skills training at the same social enterprises while they continue their therapy.  They also participate in basic life skills  for:

    • Adult Roles/Responsibilities

    • Individualized Parenting

    • Finance

    • Effective Communication

    • Health, Wellness and Nutrition

  3. During Chapter 3, our ReIntegr8 participants are helped in securing full-time employment with one of our Community Hiring Partners and finding safe and sober housing to being this next positive phase of their life.



Our ReIntegr8 program empowers women to break free from the chains of addiction through treatment, supportive community, and meaningful activities. The goal of ReIntegr8 is to restore women to their families, friendships, and society at large. 

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