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Cafe Appalachia Catering

Café Appalachia Catering is another social enterprise created by Pollen8 to provide training in the culinary arts and event planning for women in our ReIntegr8 program.  We provide healthy, nutritious food options for corporate events, receptions, graduations, birthdays, holiday events, baby showers, or getting the gang together for lunch or dinner. 


Let us help you with your next corporate event. We can cater your daily lunches, open houses, grand openings, seminars, banquets, receptions, and more. We have a variety of options to choose from. We'll provide you with a delicious spread and you'll be supporting

your community.

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Café Appalachia Catering can provide you and your guests with fresh, delicious food that is locally grown and  sourced.  Our Catering Manager works directly with you to customize a menu that suits your every occasion.  You'll have a great time knowing you're supporting your local community.  

Contact us at for more information.

Check out our Catering menu - Cafe Appalachia Catering

Learn more at Café Appalachia Catering

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